Chinese Students and Scholars Association at University of Utah (CSSAUU) is an official organization of Chinese students and scholars at the University of Utah. It is a volunteer group composed of some warm hearted Chinese students and scholars at the university.

CSSAUU is devoted to serving Chinese community, enhancing the culture exchange between Chinese and American, and making a healthy and happy university life for all Chinese students and scholars.

One of the most important parts in our work is to help newcomers. CSSAUU will help the new students and scholars adapt themselves to the new environment. You can tell us all of your difficulties, and we will try to do our best for helping you.

We are also working to promote the communication between Chinese students and scholars and other organizations of our university, the local cities, the state of Utah, and even whole America.

CSSAUU will regularly hold a lot of culture exchanging events and social gatherings. Many activities of entertainment and sports are organized in weekends and holidays. This will bring you a lot of enjoyment and relaxation.

To contact, please email to cssauu@gmail.com.

犹他大学中国学生学者联谊会,是一个由在校本科生、研究生组成的旨在服务于犹他大学所有来自中国学生、学者的一个非盈利组织。如果遇到任何疑问和困难,请随时与我们CSSAUU联系。我们的官方邮箱: cssauu@gmail.com。点击这里查看成员名单。

CSSAUU还提供Chinese Mailing List,主要用于大家信息共享,譬如寻求租房,二手货买卖,工作信息等。截至2011年8月,已有超过1550个邮箱加入了这个邮件群发平台。Chinese Mailing List已经成为盐湖城中国学生、学者和华人交换信息的最主要渠道。如果你想加入Chinese Mailing List,请点击https://www.lists.utah.edu/wws/info/chinese


CSSAUU官网: cssauu.utah.edu


新浪微博: http://www.weibo.com/cssauu

人人: http://page.renren.com/601041498

微信公共平台: cssauu